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      Hello Designers, welcome here!
      My name is Angie, and I'm in love with creating and rendering interiors.
      That's the main reason why I created Ravenor's in late 2014; at the time there were barely any resources to self-learn Sketchup & VRay so I started writing about what I learned so others can find it and learn too.
      As the years went by, the cost of keeping Ravenor's alive has gone up because it was growing.
      It only made sense that I start making an income from it while keeping Ravenor's as a Free Learning resource.
      That's why I started this Gumroad Store (ahem.. youtube doesn't really pay much..), it's a way to fund all the expenses of keeping Ravenor's alive (website, software, etc.) and a way to compensate all the hours I spend working behind the scenes to generate new content.

      Thank you for your support, whether you do so by sharing Ravenor's content, liking, commenting, subscribing, or by buying one of the products below :)